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Research topics / How to earn points / Writing your Article on a Bill

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This site will help you do the project Napoli. Hope you have fun researching and debating the issues!

Writing your Speech

To write your speech use the form I provided.

Lost the form for your speech? Download this file

Need the back side of the speech form to list your sources? Download this file

Don't forget to write down:

1. Identify the kind / type of source, e.g. newspaper, magazine, book, or internet site.
2. Give a brief description about qualifications of author or organization.
Make sure the author is qualified.
3. Cite the source: Is it an internet site, magazine, newspaper, book?
Be sure to name the source, date the source, state the place (if possible)

Research your Topic

Check out these sites for information:

Try out this search engine to find information:

Begin below for a starting point to find information...



Pro = for
Con = against

1. To cancel law permitting Abortion

Pro banning (cancel) Abortion:

Con banning Abortion:

2. For death penalty




3. To allow Euthanasia

Looking at both sides:

For euthanasia

Against Euthanasia

4. To Spend $ on Cloning Research

Cloning in general:

Against & for cloning

5. Right of Parents to Know (School Privacy law)

The controversy

6. Animal Rights: No use of wild animals for entertainment

Against animal rights' claim: For using wild animals for entertainment

For animal rights at circuses:
animal rights poem:

7. Ban Junk Food in Schools

Against banning junk food:

For banning junk food:

8. For Gay Rights: Adoption

The issue:

For Gay Rights:

Against Gay Rights: Adoption

To create more laws for Gun Control

Pro and Cons

Against gun control:


To rely more on Nuclear Power:



Pros and Cons:


To create stricter Driving laws for Teenagers

See present law of California


Drive Safe:

Graduated license lawsFlorida's law:



To establish 3 Strikes laws for the nation

Pro 3 strikes law

Con 3 strikes laws


Take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?

The Debate:

Pros and Cons
Fox news:,2933,56310,00.html


Salt Lake Tribune

American Partisan:
Senator Bennett:


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In this simulation you are a Representative, representing a congressional district, and your purpose is to discuss, debate, and either pass or defeat laws for the country. You will be assigned to (1.) a State which you represent, and (2.) one of two political parties: The American Traditionalist Party (ATP) or the American Modernist Party (AMP).

During your participation in Napoli you will have to keep in mind the interests of both your State and your party, since your chances of being re-elected hinge on doing a satisfactory job of representing both.

GRADING: You work towards the grade you want.


1. Dress (10 points)

Guys: collared shirt with tie and pants
Ladies: pants outfit, dress, or skirt (no t-shirt look)

2. Bill Proposal (20 points)

3. Participation (10 points)

4. Articles on bills (15 points) (no more than two articles)

5. Collage (5 points)

6. Speech (20 points) You must do a speech to get an "A"

7. Leadership roles

a. Speaker of the House (15 points)
b. Secretary (10 points)
c. Seargant-at-arms (10 points)
d. Minority Party Leader (10 points)
e. State leader (5 points)


Grade Scale: A: 90 -100 points
B: 80 - 89
C: 70 - 79
D: 60 - 69
F: 59 points and below

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You may write up to two articles on any bill we are debating in class. Each article is worth 15 points.


1. Look for articles in newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, or internet sites.

2. On a piece of binder paper write two paragraphs

3. Attach the article to your summary.

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