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History Day Competition 



 Civil War

Political Issues

 Immigrant Life


 Art / Photographs

 Women History

Native American


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Martin Luther
King, Jr.

Primary Sources

Class Information

Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s) and Student:
Welcome to another school year! It is my hope that you, as student, will keep an open mind, ask a lot of questions, and enjoy the opportunity to learn about the world around you.
As a teacher, I will try to teach to the best of my ability, striving to be interesting and creative in lesson planning; firm and fair in matters of discipline; caring and understanding in how I relate to my students.

The following information will be helpful to you:

1. Course Outline: The eighth grade course of study begins with an intensive review of the major ideas, issues, and events preceding the founding of the nation. Students will concentrate on the critical events of the period-- from the framing of the Constitution to the rise of Industrial America.

1st Trimester:
Review of the Colonial period and the American Revolution;
Constitution (The Constitution Test will be given); Establishing the New Nation.

2nd Trimester:
The Development of America's Regions; Civil War and Reconstruction

3rd Trimester: Rise of Industrial America; America as a World Power

2. Grades: I use a point system in which each assignment is worth a certain amount of points.

3. Homework: Homework will be given at least twice a week.
Homework Hotline: # 783-7788. Press 114

Eich Planner: All students must have a planner (your own or
school planner). Parents will sign planner every Thursday and
students will show the planner to the teacher on Friday for a grade.

4. Absences: If absent, the student may find missed assignments at the
"Assignment Center" in the the classroom. The student is responsible
for picking up missed assignments.

5. Late Assignments: If an assignment is late due to an excused absence, full credit will be received; otherwise, work turned in late thenext day will receive only half the grade.

6. Materials for Class: The student should bring to class daily: 1) pen (no gel pens) and pencil, 2) three hole binder paper , and 3) three hole binder.

I am excited about the year and have great expectations!

History Sites for research

National History Day

The Contest and the Information

Need the Rulebook? Click here...History Day in California

MLA guides (citing your sources)
USM Library (online sources)
The Writing Center

Sample Web site by a semi-finalist group

Starting Places...

Nara Digital Classroom (National Archives)
American Memory (Library of Congress)
Crossroads Project

Social Studies School
Marc Datous People' s Century
Eye Witness
History of Today
dboals Social Studies

Primary Sources

Library of Congress
National Archives
University of

Maryland State Archives
New York State Archives
Cornell University
American Strategy

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Directions for the Simulation of Congress:  Debates

Take a practice test and download the key to check your answers:

 PDF Constitution Test

 PDF Constitution Key

Or take an online test. You must get the password from your teacher... (check in at the Quiz lab)

Tour the U.S. government

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Art / Photographs

National Endowment for the Arts

The Smithsonian Institution

National Gallery of Art


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   Geography Unit

I use these lessons at the beginning of the year as an intro to geography.
PowerPoint Geographical Features
(PDF file)
Go to and find images to create a key, as a powerpoint presentation. As you discuss the answers, show the powerpoint program.
Map It Out
(PDF file)
Use this handout for an internet search on how far places are from each other. You can use programs such as
Home Sweet Home
(PDF file)
This activity gives students the chance to research on the internet a place they might want to live in. They must find reasons why the place might be a great place to live in.

What Time Is It?
(PDF file)

Time around the World

Teach students how to tell time throughout the world. Then use this worksheet and web site to reinforce the skills.
Road Rules
(PDF file)
This is a project for two students who will travel from the west coast to the east coast. They will use the internet to learn about places they will visit along the way. With this information they will create a visual map.
 National Geography Bee Culmination of Geography Unit. Get the whole school involved in this Geography Bee, sponsored by the National Geography Bee. Move over Spelling Bee! We have a special night for the final competition.




Web Sites for Road Rules Project

Use Google search engine and type in "tourism and the name of the state"

Travel Guide for U.S.

Game: Identify the 50 states

Maps & Atlases
Outline maps (need a map?)
Library of Congress Map

Chico Geography Maps
Cartographic Images

Geographic Alliance

Virtual Tours

Virtual Freesites
Virtual field trips at Oops

Driving Directions:

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Immigrant Scrapbook Unit / Lessons

Descriptions of Immigrant Life

European Immigration / Ellis Island

Process Procedures (International

Wall of
UC Riverside exhibitions/immigration (good pictures)
Ohio / immigration (good pictures)
The New Colossus
Statue of Liberty

Emma Lazuras Poem

Asian Immigration / Angel Island

CET Asian Immigration Angel Island Poems
Live Video Angel CAM Angel Island (Use this site to create email pen pals)

Poster Board / PowerPoint Presentation: Immigration

World (current data on countries)

International anthems (midis)

Country (midis)

Big Chalk Immigration (great overviews)

Landmarks in Immigration History (timeline)

PBS timeline for Immigration (timeline)

U.S. Census Bureau (historical statistics on birthplace of immigrants)

Ancestry of America (current statistics for U.S. ancestry)

American Memory (brief focus on different ethnic groups)

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Currency Converter
Cost of Living in the World
CPI Home Page
CPI for 1800's / 1900's:
Learn how to make calculations to convert prices.

Captains of Industry

50 most generous Philanthropists of Today

RobberBaronsSlide Show

ROCKEFELLER - philanthropy

Standard Oil and Ida Tarbell

Rockefeller quotes

CARNEIGIE - philanthropy - philanthropy



Thomas Edison Quotes

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Democratic National Committee:

Republican National Committee:

New Electoral map and vote

Election Search:
Select Smart:
AOL Election site:
Vote Smart:
Public Agenda:


Mock Election:
Mock Election:
Congress Link:

Napoli Issues for debate:

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Geronimo lesson...
Source #1

Source #2 Archives

Native American

Smithsonian Institution

Germantown First Americans

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U.S. PRESIDENTS Presidential Libraries

Daily Schedule of President Ford

Cabinet for the President

More details on the Cabinet

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Civil War Newspaper Project

Civil War Center

Civil War


U.S. Civil


Sunsite Civil War Homepage

Slave Narratives


List of plantations to create Powerpoint presentation

Green Hill Plantation

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The / mlk

Scavenger Hunt MLK

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Women Rights of Human Rights Watch

Timeline of Women's Rights Movement

Equal Pay for women

National Women's History Project

Women Quotes

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Hall of Fame
Enchanted Learning
Louisiana State Library
How Stuff Works
PBS Inventions

Page Wise Inventions of Old

Sports history
Yahoo Sports History

History of Weapons
Modern Weapons at
Guns at

Toy Inventions

Automobile history

Cosmetics Inventions

Computer Inventions

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Field Trips

The Tech Museum
Golden State Museum

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