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PT3 Geography

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Part I: These are lessons, integrating technology, to introduce U.S. geography.

   Geography Unit

I use these lessons at the beginning of the year as an intro to geography.
PowerPoint Geographical Features
(PDF file)
Go to and find images to create a key, as a powerpoint presentation. As you discuss the answers, show the powerpoint program.
Map It Out
(PDF file)
Use this handout for an internet search on how far places are from each other. You can use programs such as
Home Sweet Home
(PDF file)
This activity gives students the chance to research on the internet a place they might want to live in. They must find reasons why the place might be a great place to live in.
What Time Is It?
(PDF file)
Teach students how to tell time throughout the world. Then use this worksheet and web site to reinforce the skills.
Road Rules
(PDF file)
This is a project for two students who will travel from the west coast to the east coast. They will use the internet to learn about places they will visit along the way. With this information they will create a visual map.
 National Geography Bee Culmination of Geography Unit. Get the whole school involved in this Geography Bee, sponsored by the National Geography Bee. Move over Spelling Bee! We have a special night for the final competition.

PowerPoint for Jeopardy

Create a geography quiz game, using the Jeopardy format by downloading a template.
The links present different formats for the Jeopardy template.


Part II: These are geography lessons (integrating the internet) I designed to supplement my Civil War unit.

Designing a Plantation:

When we studied the south, I wanted the students to appreciate the self-sufficiency of a plantation by designing one of their own.

I created a powerpoint presentation of the geographical layout of the antebellum plantation, Green Hill. It gave the students a sense of how a plantation was designed.

This is a great site that presents a layout of a plantation and presents pictures of the buildings that composed a plantation.

Green Hill Plantation

Download the instructions for designing a plantation.

Download a read sheet about what is located on a plantation.

I created another powerpoint presentation after the students designed their own plantation. This one presented pictures and facts about plantations during the Civil War. List of plantations to create a Powerpoint presentation

10 Costliest Battles:

Download the worksheet that directs the students to locate 10 important battles and to graph the casualties of those Civil War battles.

Download the front and back of the worksheet for the 10 Costliest Battles

Direct students to this website to get the information for graphing.

Part III: Immigration Poster Board

This lesson can be used for the unit on Immigration in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

Download the instructions.

Below are web sites to help the students create their poster board.

World (current data on countries)

International anthems (midis)

Big Chalk Immigration (great overviews)

Landmarks in Immigration History (timeline)

PBS timeline for Immigration (timeline)

U.S. Census Bureau (historical statistics on birthplace of immigrants)

Ancestry of America (current statistics for U.S. ancestry)

American Memory (brief focus on different ethnic groups)