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 Teacher Notes

Here are two sample movie reviews of "Glory":

Pictures from the Movie Glory
Movie review from 1989

Production notes

Title of Movie:______________________________________________

Director: ____________________________________________

The Cast


   Col. Robert Gould Shaw
   Trip (Best Supporting Actory)
   Thomas Searles

Movie Genre: Check the appropriate spaces(s) below:

___Adventure  ___Political  ___Documentary  ___Horror  ___Thriller
 ___Comedy  ___Social Drama  ___Animation  ___Romance  ___Detective
 ___Drama   ___Musical  ___Disaster  ___Western  ___War
___Historical  ___Science Fiction  ___Fantasy  ___Biography  ___Youth

Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for! You can give the movie
a final overall rating. Rate the movie you have just seen...Circle the word to describe your evaluation:

 A Classic


  A Stinker


Write a 250 word (minimum) Movie Review. As you prepare to write your review, keep in mind that the purpose of a Movie Review is to inform a potential movie goer about the movie you have just seen. Include the following information in your review:

1. A brief summary of the story. Describe the major conflict in the
story, who (or what) is having the conflict and how the conflict is
dealt with.

2. Make commendations (things you really like about the picture) and
recommendations (suggestions on how you would have like to have
seen the movie filmed). Be sure to give specific examples from the
movie to support your views.

3. For your conclusion, state whether you would give the movie a ...."thumbs up" or a "thumbs down" rating. Would you recommend your
readers to see the movie? Why or why not?

You can make commendations and recommendations about the following
elements of the movie:

1. ACTING...............How well did the actors/actresses portray their character?

2. DIRECTING........Did the director create a film that flowed from scene to scene? Was it easy to follow the story?

3. WRITING.............Did you understand the story line? Was the story believable?

4. PHOTOGRAPHY.....How well did the cameraman visualize the characters and the setting where the story took place?

5. COSTUMES.............Did the costumes accurately reflect the time period, place, and characters.

6. MUSIC.......................Did the music create the right mood for the story?

7. SPECIAL EFFECTS...Were there any special effects that amazed you?