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The Design of the Newspaper


 Design of Newspaper


 Teacher Notes

You have completed your final drafts for your newspaper. Now you are ready to put your newspaper together.

You will need the following:
· white construction paper (at least two sheets)
· drawings or pictures of the Civil War
· glue stick (no staples or scotch-tape)
· scissors

Order of news articles:
1. Headline Story: Fort Sumter (front page)
2. Special Feature: Your choice
3. Interview of a Soldier
4. Editorial: Slavery
5. Political Cartoon
6. Movie Review: Glory

Design of newspaper

1. On the front , beginning at the top of the newspaper, you must have the...
· Title of your newspaper (Are you a Southern or Northern newspaper?)
· Cost of your newspaper (5 to 10 cents)
· Name of Publisher (that's you!)
· Date: April 12, 1861 - April 9, 1865


Published by Tom Smith

April 12, 1861 - April 9, 1865
Price: 5 cents

South Victorious at Fort Sumter!
(Headline Story)


2. Each article should have a graphic: a picture or drawing. Use the picture handout or copy pictures from any book of your choice.

You can find pictures by Matthew Brady to insert into your newspaper:

3. Be neat. Do not use too much glue (use a glue stick). Do not use a stapler or scotch tape.

4. Make sure all writing is in black pen or typed.

5. Date Due:

6. Points Possible: