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 Design of Newspaper


 Teacher Notes

Web sites for the Southern point of view:

Gorospe's Collection of primary sources.

Web sites for the Northern point of view:

Gorospe's Collection of primary sources.

Read slave narratives:

Jupiter Hammon

David Walker

You will write an editorial either supporting or opposing slavery. You must take the role of a Northern or Southern newspaper editor

For an editorial you must...

1. Take a clear stance

2. Argue strongly to support your point of view with the use of facts and details

3. Offer solutions to the problem

Writing style: You must have four paragraphs

1. In general, journalism has only 2-4 sentences per paragraph

2, Your first paragraph is called the lead and will introduce the topic and your position.

3. You should have a minimum of two supporting paragraphs. (more if needed)

4. Your conclusion should offer a solution or possible outcome if changes
aren't made.

5. Your point must be made in a maximum of 250 words.

6. Although editorials are usually written in the first
person ("I"), use the third person (the "North" or "the South").


Model for editorial...


(Write title in big print)

(First Paragraph: Introduce the topic)

The south is for slavery.....or the north is against slavery...

(Second paragraph)

One reason the south approves of slavery is....or
One reason the north disapproves of slavery is...

(Third paragraph)

Lastly, the south is for slavery because...or
Lastly, the north is against slavery because...

(Fourth paragraph: Offer possible solution)

A possible solution to this problem is.../ or is there a solution?