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World History / World Cultures

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Maya / Inca / Aztecs /

Islam / Africa / China / Japan



1. Tour ancient Rome

2. Daily Roman Life


Beginning your Search for 7th grade topics

Collecting images of the past (art, photos)

OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange: collection of lessons plans


Education web search:

Librarian index to the internet:

Chico Library Bookmarks

Awesome Library:


The Internet Public Library:


World History Sites

Social Studies Service: Ancient Civilizations

Search for Ancient and Medieval sites on the internet

Around the World:

Multicultural Home Page:

Architecture around the world:

United Nations CyberSchoolbus:

Why civilizations collapse: CPB exhibits

University of Kansas collections (need ucdavis password)


SCORE for 7th grade

Collection of lessons for each unit


Dennis Boals Site

European History:

Non-European History:

Travel the World

The Africa Guide:
Virtual Antarctica:
Accomodating Asia:
Australian Toursim Net:
The European Tourist Information center:
Travel North America:


Museum of Mayan Artifacts:

Mr. Donn:

Name in Maya:

Maya Math

Collapse of Maya

Play Bul (Game)

Shaping the Head

Maya Ruins:

Tour Palenque: Excellent 360 degree tour

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Mr. Donn:

Aztec Architecture:

Aztec calendar:

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Inca sacrifice / archaeological dig:

Mr. Donn:

*Machu Picchu trail: virtual hike

Machu Picchu slide show

*Nova: Ice Mummies

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University of North Florida

SCORE web sites: lessons

SCORE resources

Islamic Art

Islamic Studies (University of Georgia)

Islamicity Site: Hajj

Recitation of the Qu'ran:

Qu'ran and Women:

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Animals in Africa Endangered

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Get a Chinese Name

Chinese Zodiac

Writing Chinese numbers

Chinese Inventions

Chinese Proverbs

Dragon links

Chinese Festivals

Art of Chinese

Splendors of Imperial China

Lessons for China

More lessons for China

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Who were the Samurai

Brief History of the Samurai

Samurai figures

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Middle Ages In Europe

Castles on the Web

Castles in the World

Creating a Castle

Sworn to Serve Webquest

Ye Olde English Sayings

The Medieval Technology Timeline


Internet Renaissance Band's Medieval Music

Education World Resources

Hotlist of Medieval Times

Coat of arms

Meaning behind symbols of coat of arms

Sample Coat of Arms


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