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Was Slavery really that bad?

1. Make sure each group has Student handout of assigned character.
Have students read and answer the questions about their character.

2. Have students decide which role they want and have them prepare for the role-playing:

Actor: Plays the part of the historical figure being interviewed by the press corps during the class presentation. Takes time to learn the viewpoint of the historical figure. Thinks of appropriate props and costumes to help bring the figure to life.

Friendly Reporter: Responsible for ensuring that all group members understand the ideas and beliefs of the historical figure. Asks "friendly" questions to the group's Actor during the press conference so that the Actor can look good. Finds other resources for information on the historical figure for the group.

Investigative Reporter: Responsible for preparing Actor for hostile questions that he/she will ask. Question should expose weaknesses in the historical figures viewpoint. May also ask hostile questions of other actors/actresses.

Public Relations Agent: Introduces historical figure at the start of the press conference. Assists Actor in answering any difficult questions during the press conference. Designs name plate for historical figure with name and appropriate symbol of the person.

3. Teacher can act as host or moderator of the press conference.
Have actors and actresses seated with public relations agents standing behind. The friendly reporter should ask questions first, then the unfriendly reporter for each character.

4. During the presentations have the students fill out the form "Slavery...How bad is it, really?". After all the presentations have students answer the final two questions on the sheet for discussion.

Resource: TCI model