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Lesson Plans with the Internet

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Using the Internet

1. Ready to go sites (navigation lessons)

Underground Railroad lesson

Cultural Literacy Test (S.S. Service)

MLK, Jr., Scavenger Hunt:

PBS Lewis and Clark simulation:

2. Collect and Create lessons

Primary Sources

The Library of Congress:
National Archives:
Repositories of Primary Sources:
Archives and Archivists:
Maryland State Archives:
New york State Archives:
Cornell U:
American Strategy:

Document Analysis Worksheets:
Using Primary Sources:
(this is a guide for using primary sources)

Invention Timeline: Gil's handout
Immigration Scrapbook / Process: Gil's handout

American Revolution (Crossroads):

Virtual Field Trip: Mount Vernon

3. Research lessons

History Day Project: Gil's handout

4. Keypal lessons

Immigrant Scrapbook: Gil's handout

5. Collaborative lessons

Telecommunication and Telepresence

6. Student Web Sites / PowerPoint / Hyperstudio

Native American Board