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Guidelines for Interview of a Soldier

Learn about a soldier's life through Civil War music:
Letters and diaries of soldiers

Goal: You are to interview a Northern or Southern soldier of the Civil War to find out what life as a soldier was like.

1. Title of article: Interview of a Soldier

2. Introduce your soldier:
* Name
* Rank: General, Major, Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private
* family
* age
* hometown

3. Use a question and answer format. Types of questions to ask.....

· Why did you join up to fight in this war?
· How did the army prepare you for battle?
· What was camp life like?
· What did you do when you were not drilling for battle?
· What was the food like?
· What kind of supplies did the army provide for you?
· What were the battles like?
· What feelings did you experience in battle?
· What kind of care did the wounded get?
· Did any of your friends desert the army? What happened to them?
· What battles have you fought in?

( You could describe a particular battle. Answer the questions: who, what, where, when, why.)


1. Write in black pen or type
2. Write at least one page of information
3. Do not write on the back
4. If you are writing by hand, your interview should be at least two pages.
5. If you ask a question, be sure to give details (no generic answers).

Date Due:

Points Possible: