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Modality / Intelligences


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1. Linguistic:

Civil War Newspaper
Civil War (Crossroads):

2. Logical ­ Mathematical

Road Trip: Gil's handout
Pioneer Postcards: Gil's handout
Oregon Trail (Edsite):
Mapping the Past (Edsite):
Cost of Living Calculator:
CPI Home page:
What is a dollar worth?:
Inflation Calculators:

3. Spatial - Visual

Art Comparison: Gil's lesson
Archaeology: Gil's lesson
Collection of cartoons in the 1800's and 1900's:
Artsednet (art education)
Masks (Edsite):
Symbolism in Art (ArtsEdNet):
Poster Art of World War II (National Archives):
What Portraits Reveal (Edsite):

4. Bodily ­ Kinesthetic

Civil War Newscast
Chinese Boycott (National Archives):

5. Musical

"Follow the Drinking Gourd": Gil's lesson
Civil War Music and Folk Songs:
Spirituals and Slavery:

6. Interpersonal

7. Intrapersonal