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Welcome to Research and Presentation:

Computers for Beginners!

This is a trimester course (about 12 weeks) and part of the exploratory electives at Eich School. Both 7th and 8th graders are enrolled. We will be using Imacs for our computer lessons.


Computer Lab Contract / Introduction to Computers / Keyboarding / Lessons & Projects /

Sound and Movie Files / Clip Art / Blog

Using the Internet / Teacher Notes / Trouble Shooting

Tutorials: General Computer / Microsoft Office / Imac / Appleworks / PowerPoint / Creating a Web Site

Finish your work? Go to Fun and Games

Computer Class web site

The Curriculum:

This is the plan

1. Keyboarding: Let's work up to 25 words per minute, using the home keys.

2. Computer terms: Identify the parts of the computer

3. Imac tutorial: for those who are new to Mac

4. MS Office 2001: In this program we will learn to use the following applications...

Word Processing
Learning to use a presentation tool: Power Point

5. Mastering Internet Skills

Exploring Search Engines
Evaluating web sites

Homework: There will not be much homework assigned for the computer, since not all students have access to a computer or the internet at home. Students who do have a computer and internet at home can work or develop their projects at home. However, students will not be allowed to bring disks from home.

Grading policy: Grades will be based on points earned system. Grades will be based on work completed.

What to bring: Students should always bring their binders with paper and pen or pencil.

Computer Lab Contract

I Will.....

1. Refrain from using the computer until the teacher instructs me to use the computer.

2. Refrain from printing until the teacher gives permission.

3. Refrain from calling out for help from the teacher. Instead I will raise my hand or write my name on the board for assistance.

4. Keep the security on the computer unless the teacher turns it off for you.

5. Refrain from placing screen savers of any kind on the computer.

6. Refrain from changing the desktop or adding anything to the desktop.

7. Refrain from adding software to the computer.

8. Inform the teacher immediately after discovering any damage to the computer.
(Failure to do this will hold the student responsible for the damage).

9. Refrain from entering any sites unrelated to the assignment at hand.

10. Refrain from saving any information unrelated to the assignment at hand.

11. Refrain from swapping or exchanging computer parts.

12. Refrain from restarting the computers until I check with the teacher.


Failure to comply with the expectations will result in the following consequences:

1. First offense will result in loss of computer use for length of time depending on seriousness of infraction.

2. Second offense will result in a telephone conference with parents, a conference with the teacher, detention, and loss of computer use.

3. Third offense will result in loss of computer privileges and loss of credit for the current assignment and possible dismissal from class.


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Introduction to Computers / Parts of the Computers

Scavenger hunts and games

3D dictionary of terms

Tech Bytes:

Computer Introduction: resources and web sites

Tech Encyclopedia

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History of Keyboarding

Tonya Skinner's Business ed.: Resources

Templates / Charts and posters

GrassRoots activities

MavisBeacon activities

Blank Keyboard

Keyboarding Activities

Keyboarding Online



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Computer Lessons / Projects

A Section

1. Travel Brochure: Travel with

2. Wild Kingdom Project:

3. Time around the World

4. Language Translation

Alta Vista

5. Evaluate these sites:

Against leg traps

For leg traps

6. Planets and Weights

7. Endangered Animals Project

Animal videos (.mov)

Enchanted Learning


7. Timeline Capsule

Scavenger hunts:

Charts and Skittles

Email for Students

Internet keypals

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B Section



Amazing Insects

Insects on WWW

Links to more bugs

The Science Spot

Insect Hotlist

Orkin Pest Library

University of FLorida

Iowa State Images

Example: Rose Weevil
Site #1
Site #2

Animal and Insect Movies (animals and insects)

Cinenet: bug movies


Buying a Car

Web Site Evaluation


Ringling Brothers

Social Studies Activity: Get a Chinese Name

Newscast of the decades: American Cultural History: the 20th Century


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Fun and Games

Make sure you finished your work before you play any online game.
Do not download any Shockwave program. You will freeze your computer and not be able to play anymore games.

Puzzle Factory

Classic Games

Java Games

Who wants to be a Millionaire?

Bored? Try

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Using the Internet

Internet Terms and History

History of the Internet by PBS evaluating the source and lessons

Ask an Expert

AT &T: Guide to the Internet

Gorospe's Guide to Search Engines

Evaluating Web Sites

Documenting Web Sites

Copyright and Fair Use

School Web Club

Check Mr. Gorospe's Sites

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General Computer Tutorials

Online Practice Modules- Self-paced versions of courses for Claris HomePage, Excel, Word, Microsoft Works, PowerPoint, etc. (Memphis City School)

Variety of skill lessons

Lycos: many topics Different subjects

CNS: macs and pcs

Imac Tutorials

Never used an Imac before? Need help? Best place to go is on the Mac itself. On the menu bar click on "help" and select "Mac help". Choose the topic "Basics".

University of Cambridge: Introduction to Apple

IMC technology: prevention and trouble shooting

Shoreline Public Schools

Lycos How to Site

Appleworks Tutorials Appleworks Skillsheets

O'Hara's resources: Helpful sites

Alpine School district: Simple and easy tutorial for students

Jordan School district: another great easy tutorial

Los Gatos School district: Appleworks resources and tutorials

Tosa Web: resources

Powerpoint Tutorials

PowerPoint Templates (downloads)

PowerPoint Game templates

Web Site Tutorials

To upload your website you need a server, like, to host your site.
You also need an ftp program to upload your site to the server.

Tutorial: Using Netscape Composer

Peach tutorial on creating a web site

Register for your free host,

Ftp program for Macs: Fetch
Download and tutorial:

Ftp program for PC's: CuteFtp
Download: CuteFtp


Computer Class web site

Instant Web Pages with Templates

Want to make an instant web page? Try GeoCities. It's real easy!
Check out Gorospe on GeoCities

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Sound files

Remember...only appropriate sounds. Do not click on any site you suspect is inappropriate. Be Smart...

3D Cafe(This is a great site to begin with.)

A1 Sounds

Movie sounds

Cartoon Sounds

Matt's Movie sounds

Mp3 files at

Midi Files

I love

Midi database


Movie Themes

Rock and Pop


Animal and Insect Movies
Insert three movies and a sound with each...

Animal Archive and Animal Sounds

Cinenet: (type in "animals" or "insects" in the search engine)


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Need Clip Art?

Altavista search for images

History Images:
History clip art:

School clipart


Animated Cartoons


Cyber Animated animals


Animation Library

General Use

Animal Clipart

Clipart Universe

Clip Art Connection

Barry's Clip Art



Great place for font creations:

Lines, Bars, Separators

Icon Bazaar
Silicon Valley
Ender Design
Cool Archive

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Teacher's Notes

OLA: Integrate the Internet

ERIC: Education Technology

McGraw Hill: Integrating Technology Creating a School Web Site

Teach-nology: A collection of lessons

Media-awarenes: resources

Educ/Tech Connection: resources

DMOZ: resources resources

Open Learning: Integrating the Internet

LPP: lessons

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Trouble Shooting and Questions

For technology questions try these sites

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Microsoft Office 2001

Projects to do with MS Office

Apply special effects to text to enhance a document.

Print two pages on a single sheet of paper.

Control a music CD during a slide show.

Save your own drawings as picture files to be used in other Office documents.

Internet 4 Classrooms: Collection of tutorials

Using Excel:

Land-Grant Alliance lessons

Microsoft Excel lessons

Your weight on another planet

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Adobe Web site

Do you want to Blog?

All about Bloggin

Blog Sites





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