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Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s) and Student:

Welcome to another school year! It is my hope that you, as student, will keep an open mind, ask a lot of questions, and enjoy the opportunity to learn about the world around you.
As a teacher, I will try to teach to the best of my ability, striving to be interesting and creative in lesson planning; firm and fair in matters of discipline; caring and understanding in how I relate to my students.

The following information will be helpful to you:

1. Course Outline: The eighth grade course of study begins with an intensive review of the major ideas, issues, and events preceding the founding of the nation. Students will concentrate on the critical events of the period-- from the framing of the Constitution to the rise of Industrial America.

1st Trimester: Review of the Colonial period and the American Revolution;
Constitution (The Constitution Test will be given); Establishing the New Nation.

2nd Trimester: The Development of America's Regions; Civil War and

3rd Trimester: Rise of Industrial America; America as a World Power

2. Grades: I use a point system in which each assignment is worth a certain amount of points.
I divide points earned by points possible to attain a student's percentage. Grade are derived from classwork, homework, tests, projects, class participation, group work, and planner grade.

3. Homework: Homework will be given at least twice a week.
Homework Hotline: # 783-7788. Press 114 for Mr. Gorospe.
Eich Planner: All students must have a planner (your own or school planner). Parents will sign planner every Thursday and students will show the planner to the teacher on Friday for a grade.

4. Absences: If absent, the student may find missed assignments at the "Assignment Center" in the the classroom. The student is responsible for picking up missed assignments.

5. Late Assignments: If an assignment is late due to an excused absence, full credit
will be received; otherwise, points will be deducted for each day the assignment is late.

6. Materials for Class: The student should bring to class daily:
1) pen and pencil,
2) three hole binder paper , and
3) three hole binder.

I am excited about the year and have great expectations!