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Directions: How would your assigned character in history answer these questions, if they were asked by an unfriendly reporter.

· Your writings have encouraged slaves to rebel and kill white people. Do you think it is right to encourage such violence?
· You claim that white people shoot black people down like bears. Don't slave owners take good care of their slaves so that they can be fit to work?

· Your husband built a hospital on the plantation for the slaves. If he built this hospital for the slaves who were sick, isn't this proof that he cared for the health and safety of his slaves?
· You have some negative things to say about your husband's treatment of his slaves, but might you not be saying this because you divorced him? When you married him, you knew he owned slaves, and yet it did not bother you then. Aren't you just trying to get back at him and destroy his good reputation?

· Isn't it true that Colonel Lloyd, your employer when you were a slave, made every attempt to feed and clothe his slaves. Were they not well cared for?
· You claim you hate slavery because slavery has kept you ignorant. Do you think slaves with an education can be just as smart as white people?

· As slaves, you are property that belong to whoever purchased you. So doesn't the slave owner have the right to sell you to whoever bids the highest for you?
· Your mother was a good Christian who believed in God. In the Bible (St. Paul's letter to the Ephesians, Chapter 6) it says slaves should be obedient to their masters. Shouldn't you, also a Christian, follow what the Bible says?

· You make it sound like the slaves actually enjoyed being slaves. Do you think the slaves, if given a choice, would choose to be your slave?
· Would you yourself want to be a slave?

· You encourage slaves to be content with being a slave. You are a house servant. Your job is easy. Do you know what it's like to work in the fields?
· Do you honestly believe that God wants the black people to be slaves to the white people?

· You are from the North and just visited the South. You saw slaves treated well. However, you do not live among the slaves. How can you say that you really know how slaves are treated?
· Did you actually talk to the slaves or did you just talk to the slave owners to find out about slavery?

· You believe that the black man is inferior to the white man. Is that in the Bible? What is the proof?
· Isn't the real reason that you are for slavery is because slavery is good for the cotton business? Isn't slavery all about making money for the white man?