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The construction and use of the atomic bomb changed the world and revolutionized warfare forever. Here are some of the reasons the Manhattan Project was a revolution:
  • Since the Manhattan Project the world has been more peaceful, mostly because of what Winston Churchill called "neutrally insured destruction."
  • It separated the countries into two groups, one group with atomic technology, one without.
  • The dropping of the bombs on Japan strengthened America's seat as one of the most power countries.
  • It changed Japan's views and strengths, they lost power in the Pacific, and they began to live in fear of another atomic attack.
  • Since the dropping of the bomb, every generation and country has lived in fear of a a nuclear attack.
  • The psychological effect of the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been devastating and changed the ethics of many people.
  • Atomic technology has gradually grown into nuclear technology and there are some nuclear power plants lighting cities around the globe.
  • Nuclear fission has gradually evolved into more powerful nuclear technology. Then this in turn has lead to nuclear energy, which powers cities and much of America's naval fleet.
  • There has not been a large scale war since, probably because each countries last resort would be nuclear weapons.
Here is Robert Serber's final words on the wonder of this new weapon of mass destruction: "The grandeur and magnitude of the phenomenon were completely breath-taking." Overall, many good and terrible events have occurred, but there is no doubt that they have revolutionized the world forever.